Amazing Finish To A Great Ice Fishing Season

CrappieThis year’s ice fishing season has been spectacular to say the least, but I never would have expected that my last outing of the season would have turned out as successful as it ended up being.  
Once again Fishfnatic and Coldfront Potter showed up at my cottage on Friday night, joining myself as well as Fishfnatics dad and Uncle Doug.

We decided that we’d target pike and crappie this weekend, so after a couple of pops and a few laughs, we hit the sack somewhat early.

Steve and George were up early and on their way to the lake just after 7am. Although we were up, us older guys need a bit more time to get moving in the morning, so we had no objection to the guys getting out there before us and getting everything setup.

We showed up about 9:30 and not only was everything setup, but the boys had already caught about a half a dozen really nice crappie.

Also joining us on the lake was Joel who is a good friend of Steve’s and local fishing enthusiast Ben Raney.

It didn’t take long for us to get our lines in the water and soon after that we all started getting hits and icing crappie on a consistent basis.

Joel seemed to be the one with the honey hole on this trip having caught well over 20 crappie and a beautiful 11lb pike.

All in all, it was a great day and a great way to finish off the ice fishing season for most of us. 



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  1. Joel

    I’m still smiling! lol

    1. admin

      I’m sure you were smilimg all the way to the kitchen with that haul.

  2. Ken

    Outstanding pike! And what a crappie haul. Well done guys. Sure wish I could have been there. Looking forward to next year already!

    1. admin

      Wish you could have been there to Ken. It was a fantastic day!

  3. Tom Taylor

    Steve to bad we couldn,t hook up but maybe this summer. Great pictures and web site, say hi to your mom & dad for us.

    1. admin

      Thanks Tom, hopefully we can get out salmon fishing one time. I will fill you in when it gets hot. I’ll make sure to say hello for you to.

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